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In our history India made the use of earthen cookware for cooking food and storing water. Nowadays in traditional Indian households, several types of nonstick or utensils but cooking food in clay pots have its own benefits but many of us are not aware about it.

The benefits of earthen cookware included the ability of these pots to absorb moisture, let out the heat circulate slowly through the food being cooked and making food aromatic flavor and prevent nutrition of meal. The features of earthen cookware will help us know how our grandparents were so healthy and wise.

Types of Clay Cookware-There are many type of earthen cookware available in the market few of them given below-

Clay Cooker- In modern cooker, excessive pressure break the nutrition of our food. Clay cooker ensures that the food is being cooked in enough amounts of pressure that rich in the nutrition of food.

Clay Kadai- Clay kadai may use for cooking many variety of dishes and apart from that we can also boil any variety of food.

Clay Tawa- Now a days the range of non-stick clay tawa available in the market which prevent food from sticking to pan and helps easy to cook chapattis and parathas, it also reduces the fat content of food.

Benefits of cooking in earthen cookware-

The harmless materials- The earthen pots made by clay and it contains some natural water, magnesium, iron and calcium. Because of these elements clay pots becomes non-toxic, which is safe for us.

Aromatic flavor for your food- Clay pots are in alkaline in natures, it maintains the actual aroma of foods when cooked slowly. While cooking this property enables to interact acids in the food and balancing. It is make food healthier and also rich in various minerals.

Earthen pots are easily available and pocket friendly- Clay cookware is easily available in any market of country. Some shops that sell pure earthen pots, these pots are quite cheap as compared to any other types of cooking pots.

Clay pots are healthy for heart- If you want make your meal in with less oil then clay pots are the best option because it require very less oil for cooking and these cookware take long time to heat and uses slow cooking process. It helps to retain the natural moisture present in the meal.

Environment Friendly pots- The earthen cookware are lack of chemical element that does not cause of nature during its disposal, this help us to care for our nature and secure future generations.

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